Suzuki T500 1976  -  £SOLD
Make Suzuki
Model T500 Titan 
Price £SOLD
Year 1976 
Miles 1,382
Colour Rose and white
UK Registered  YES
1st reg. USA
MOT Yes 
HPI Certificate Yes
30 Point Checklist Complete 
Tyres fitted Continental Conti-GT  
Tyre Life Remaining; 
Front 100%  
Rear 100% 
Brake Lining Remaining

Front 100%  
Rear 100% 

Titan T500
This example of the T500 retains the look and feel of such an iconic bike but with some part-restoration to bring it back. We believe the mileage to be genuine as the bike had been left and forgotten until it was found and brought to the UK. The engine runs well and everything works as it should.  
The metalwork had been painted silver but this has now been restored before being triple chrome (copper, nickel and chrome). Original features include the toolkit which is still in place behind one of the side panels.  
Now a rare sight, this is a great bike for a Sunday afternoon and should stay looking good for many years to come. 
Click here for a video in which we introduce the bike to you and scroll down for another video to hear it running. 

 Customer Options Available 
Customers can choose from a variety of options when buying from Somerset Classic Motorcycles, often we can offer electronic ignition or gel pads in seats or other seat customisations, or even repaint the bike in a different colour scheme to match the one that you had back in the day. We are happy to advise on what is possible and cost effective.
Looking Back 
The T500 was part of the wider T series which encompassed a range of bikes with twin cylinder air cooled two strokes. Eventually the T series gave way to the GT series with the earlier bikes now having a very serious following.  
Piston-ported, the engines worked well and remained in production for a good number of years. Lubrication was provided by an oil injection system for bikes made after the mid-60s which avoided the need for pre-mixing two stroke oil. Braking on the 500 was upgraded from the smaller T bikes by using a larger twin-leading drum on the front brake.  
For riders used to the chrome and black (and oil leaks) of British bikes of the time, the introduction of powerful yet reliable two strokes from Japan proved a revelation. As if to highlight the differences between these bikes and what went before, they were painted bright colours, many of which have become iconic and closely associated with the period.  
Power was something approaching 50 bhp which was good for more than 100mph. Yet Suzuki were not just aiming for a rival to the Kawasaki triples, they were aiming for easy to ride and reliable bikes which would mean the ability to tour with them too. No two-strokes are exactly fuel efficient, but the Titan was as good as it got.  That said, Suzuki did have a race pedigree of course and riders like Barry Sheene would epitomise the racing two strokes which proved Suzuki could mix it with the best of them. Now a rare sight, Titans are enjoyable to see again and their sound track is also just as iconic .

See the T500 running in this video clip 
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