Kawasaki h1 1975  -  £7,995
Make Kawasaki
Model H1 (F)
Price £7,995
Year 19765
Miles 12,935
Colour Green
UK Registered  YES
1st reg. USA
MOT Yes 
HPI Certificate Yes
30 Point Checklist Complete 
Tyres fitted Avon Road Rider
Tyre Life Remaining; 
Front 100%  
Rear 100% 
Brake Lining Remaining

Front 100%  
Rear 100% 

Kawasaki H1  (F)  1975
The bike was have for sale is a fully restored example in really fantastic condition. It is for riding though and this could be you on a sunny Sunday afternoon! It was restored in 2018, having been originally registered in the US,  including a complete engine strip-down and rebuild. The paint is new and the frame has been powder-coated. The exhausts have been re-chromed. It runs like it should and is ready to ride immediately.  
 It was part of the private collection of one of our directors he wisely chose to have the paint job done in the iconic two shades of green. This is a lovely bike now stored in our secure, heated and humidity controlled storage facility so viewing is by appointment only.  
Looking Back  

 The legendary Kawasaki two stroke triples began in 1969 with the first H1. Built for straight-line speed over everything else they were certainly fast, and quite a handful too. Using a piston-ported triple meant the ability to produce more power than a twin might have produced although adding the complication of cooling the middle cylinder effectively.  
Producing 60 bhp in a frame which wouldn’t look out of place on a 250 resulted in a very fast bike indeed. Renowned for pulling wheelies (whether the rider meant to or not) the bike was not for the faint-hearted. With the power coming all at once and more weight over the back wheel than the front this was always going to be the result.  
Control it though and you had something to beat anything it was likely to come up against. Over the subsequent models. Kawasaki changed various aspects of the bike to make it more civilised whilst still keeping as much of the excitement as possible. The E model even featured rubber bushes on the engine mounts to reduce vibration. The last of the H1s was the F which was perhaps the most civilised.  
The final incarnation of the bike wasn’t an H1 at all but the KH500. By this time the gear change had become a conventional one down four up configuration and power reduced to 52 bhp.  
As was all too predictable given its thirst and the anti-two stroke lobby in the US, it marked the last of the 500 triples.  
Demand for H1s is strong and has been for quite a while now. With their iconic exhaust note and distractive looks they are a rare sight and an evocative one for many. The KH500 has never become as collectable (though so few were sold they are rare enough).
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