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What a great find, this Kawasaki is the C1 model of the ZX-9R and has only covered 7.5k miles, the previous owner enjoyed this bike for over 18 years. The C1 model was the first of how the ZX-9R should have always been, lighter more agile and more powerful, an answer to the Honda Fireblade and GSXR. This bike looks tremendous in blue, setting it aside from all the green ones, outstanding!

This bike is being prepared in our workshop, so in the meantime, here are a couple of pictures to tempt you

You can make this yours for just  £4995Mail:'m interested in the ZX-9R

Kawasaki ZX-9R


Honda were the first to find the niche between nimble 750 sports bikes and powerful sports tourers which started at one litre and went up from there. The Fireblade provided a whole new breed of bikes with more than enough power for most people and a crash diet to make that power go further in terms of performance. As with most Hondas, the Fireblade was a friendly bike which made life easy for its riders.

Kawasaki were not in the same business though, they wanted bikes which would excite, thrill, occasionally scare, but always entertain. They didn’t go down the same extreme diet route taken by Honda, They did reduce weight where they could  but they simply built a bike with more power (of course they did).

At the higher bike capacities, titles like ‘fastest production bike’ would be swapped between the Kawasaki ZZR 1100 and the Honda CBXX 1100 Blackbird. In the sportsbike arena, the ZX-9R was also giving Honda a run for their money. Twisting the throttle of a Fireblade produced a pleasing increase in speed, twisting the throttle of a ZX-9R Ninja was taken as a challenge by the bike to rip your head off with an explosion of power.

Various changes were made over the years of production and the bikes became more mainstream in some respects. That said, they were always Ninjas and demanded respect from their riders. For those who love their Kawasakis there is nothing else quite like it.

Classic status is a term afforded to anything which reaches a reasonable number of years old, whether desirable, collectable or not. Some bikes are classic by age alone, with nothing to make them stand out. Fortunately, the ZX-9R is not one of those, it earns its status as a classic due to its iconic place in sportsbike history and the rarity of surviving examples in good condition.


The lack of good example make these bikes rare as a collectable item. They are plentiful enough but many have been, let’s say, ‘enjoyed’ to the max by their owners and are suffering for it now.

This means good ones and now becoming collectable and looked after. Low mileage ones are even rarer, pointing to a life of garages and sunny days rather than tracks and knees down.

We are delighted to have a very rare low miler which is in fantastic condition throughout and will stand up to close scrutiny in terms of its quality. Painted in the rarer blue this C1 model is one of the  best and stands out in all respects.