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Tales From The Workshop

We pride ourselves on the care we take of our bikes, never forgetting that we are looking after someone’s next pride and joy. While they are with us, the bikes are pampered and any issues taken care of (if bikes could visit a health spa, this is what it would look like!). We keep the bikes in safe, heated garages while they are with us.

Bikes are thoroughly checked and everything is carefully investigated. We don’t ‘flip’ bikes as quickly as we can and we don’t simply pass them on to new owners as cheaply as we can. Everything which goes out from here goes with our confidence that it is the best that we can make it.   

Yet we don’t employ a single fitter/mechanic. We only have qualified engineers who could even design and make some of the replacement parts we use if they needed to (though fortunately they don’t have to). And any of the bikes we don’t restore ourselves are only done by trusted partners like Tim Blakemore of Tim Blakemore Race and Classics.  

Anyway, we thought you might like to know why we are so obsessive about what we do. Here are a few reasons why;

Braking Bad

Brakes are a bit of an obsession of ours. We’re a bit OCD in fact. We recently came across a bike for someone we were helping (not one of bikes for sale) and looked at the brake linings. Although they had enough ‘meat’ in terms of the miles left on the lining itself, the material had crumbled and become brittle (and dangerous) due to being stood for some time. This wasn’t a ‘barn find’, it was an everyday bike which had simply not been ridden for a few years. If we hadn’t checked, the brakes would still be dangerous and the owner might have been in for nasty shock!

U-strain Bolt

On the same theme we saw a nice restored machine which had nice shiny stainless steel bolts holding the brake assembly on. They looked great and finished the bike off nicely. Obviously they were rust-free and the owner was pleased with the way the bike looked. Unfortunately (and some of you may be ahead of us here) the bolts should have been high tensile steel ones to make sure the brakes didn’t fall off altogether! One moment of high stress and one or more of those bolts might have cracked and the rider could have been polishing the tarmac with his face. As it was, that face only registered shock as we told him what we’d found.  

A Firm Rear

We took a bike in with no faults reported. Yet when we tested it we found it had a seriously hard rear suspension (enough to rattle your fillings out as they used to say). This meant a ride so firm as to be dangerous (yet the owner was putting up with it). We looked a little more closely and found that not only was the suspension unit itself the wrong one and far too hard but the rear tyre was solid with the slime used to prevent punctures and the valve sealed solid, so no way to set the tyre pressure either. Since there was no chance of a puncture you could say it had done its job! Yet this bike had been dealer serviced and cleared as being perfectly fine (the owner knew nothing about the slime).  

Showing all the right signs…

We are often asked about mileage on old bike and yes, it can be difficult to be certain as to the correct mileage. We have many bikes on offer that have very low mileages and in most cases they come from the original owner with a good history of MOT certificates to validate the mileage. In some cases where bikes have been stood for a while then what?

We look for other signs such as the date codes on the tyres, original factory parts such as brake pads and condition under the covers. Sometimes just below a layer of dust that has gathered over many many years, there is the original finish lurking that gives a credibility to the bike, that coupled with the owners story and sometimes how many other bikes they have too.