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Reliability. The Motorcycles we sell are old classic bikes.

As they are old they will never be as reliable a new machines. They require patience and lots of attention, just like us really!

Motorcycles up to £3000 are normally not warranted unless specifically highlighted in the description. These are treated as a trade sale with no warranty, what you see is what you get.

All of our Four Stroke Motorcycles, over £3000, are sold with a warranty against major mechanical failure. This is for a 1 month period from the date of delivery or a distance of 1000 miles, which ever is exceeded first. This covers parts and labour.

Electrical components and transport of the bike are not included.

Due to their more fragile and at times temperamental nature, Two Stroke Motorcycles are not warranted. These are sold “as is” with no warranty.


We will always be pleased to help or advise with any problems that you may encounter, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you wish to make a warranty claim for us to undertake repair work on your bike you must contact us before instructing any other party to work on your bike. Your warranty will not continue after another party has attempted a repair unless specifically authorised by us.

Delivery and collection for warranty work will be charged at a rate of 50p per

mile on the total distance travelled.

Common Faults.

 The most common problems are caused by failing to turn off fuel taps, loose battery terminals, blown fuses and fuel going off with age. We recommend in the case of non starting that you begin by draining the remaining fuel from the tank and float bowls and refilling with fresh fuel before then trying to restart your bike. Modern fuels seem to “go off” quite quickly and this is often the cause of your classic refusing to start.

Please don’t let this put you off owning a classic, the pleasure gleaned from owning one of these iconic machines far outweigh their idiosyncrasies. If you are at all concerned then perhaps look more towards some of our later models as these often have electronic ignition and fuel injection and are much more user friendly. One thing is for certain, we are sure to have the right bike for you.