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Suzuki GSX1400 K3 2002

This Suzuki GSX 1400 is a real credit to it’s 2 previous owners, it is in fantastic condition and will come freshly serviced and Mot tested. This bike rides as well as it looks, it’s smooth and torquey 1400cc engine makes this bike an absolute pleasure to ride with power available at just about any revs.

These bikes represent an excellent investment with prices rising strongly, you will find it hard to find a better example.

£6295 will make it yours.Mail:'m interested in the GSX1400

Suzuki GSX 1400


Suzuki’s GSX 1400 arrived in 2001 following the trend for retro-styled large capacity naked bikes. These muscle-bikes became popular with riders not looking for sports bike performance but still with enough grunt to get a move-on. The big Suzuki certainly did that and provided a good option for that market until 2008.

Developing the motor from the hugely capable engine previously used in the GSX 1100, Suzuki increased both the bore and the stroke to produce a bigger engine than rival muscle bikes from Yamaha or Honda. Other parts, such as the fuel injection system and the highly effective 6 piston front discs, were borrowed from other bikes too but the bike is none the worse for that.

These bikes are all about acceleration, torque and smoothness and this one is no exception. It will pull happily from around 30mph even in top and you certainly won’t need to be swapping too many cogs with the gearbox to make progress brisk. Handling is good and, although you certainly know you are on a wide machine, the weight is not a problem on the move.

The bike has a relatively low seat height which makes it much easier to handle when stopping and starting and, under that seat, there is a surprising amount of storage space available. That seat also means a pillion passenger is endowed with a surprising amount of room too.  

Colours were mainly to be Candy Grand Blue or Metallic Galaxy (silver) with a limited number of blue and white bikes available. Demand meant that blue and white became a standard colour too.   


Rising prices point to the increasing demand for GSX 1400’s. Despite being fairly ‘recent’ for a classic bike, they are earning that status by virtue of the number of buyers and relatively limited supply of good ones.

Look for a well-cared for example, preferably with low miles, if you want one. They didn’t stand up too well to being exposed to the elements and garaged examples are the ones to go for. Fortunately most were bought be those of us who were old enough to keep them tucked away and cosseted.

Early examples with the ‘in your face’ four into two silencers are more sought after than later four into one models. Colours are a personal choice and having the blue and white paint job isn’t compulsory. We have examples in blue and white and also in silver.