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Suzuki GS 1000E


By the late 70’s bike manufacturers had started to introduce larger capacity machines as a way of competing with each other. Bigger was better and biggest was best. Already having the ground breaking GS750 with its double overhead cam engine the logical step for Suzuki was to go bigger with a chain driven four cylinder brother.

The others, Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki, already had their own one litre bikes and so Suzuki rightly felt the need to join in. And so the GS1000 was born. Perhaps the most surprising thing was the relatively tiny weight increase over the smaller 750. Advances in suspension made this quite a nice handling bike of its’ day too.

The bike is more at home as a tourer than a racer but the power on tap is still more than enough for most people even today. Bikes like this need to be ridden with respect to the 70’s tyre widths and the brakes available but that doesn’t mean no riding thrills, quite the opposite.

With no major flaws to speak of a GS1000 can still make a lot of sense for those who want a capable all-around bike which has enough grunt to tackle a long journey and with a big enough seat to accommodate a pillion without sitting on each other’s laps. Reliability was never a major worry for well-maintained examples.


It’s no secret that these bikes now have a good following and have achieved the status of ‘classic’ and then some. They are respected as being sound bikes and pass the ‘interesting’ test meaning they attract attention when parked up at a bike night.

It is widely recognised that these bikes are still, to some extent, under-priced when compared to similar bikes of the day. That said, good ones are rare and we believe values are only going to go up (no surprises there given their reputation).  

The constant rise in the value of 70’s collectable bikes means some are now unaffordable for many and the GS1000 represents a bike which has yet to climb to the heights of some we could name! As prices push some out of reach, demand for bikes like this rises too and prices tend to follow.

We have two examples, both of which will be fully refurbished before sale. This ensures they have had a thorough inspection with anything not right put right or changed altogether. We aim for trouble free riding on a classic which will showcase the best of the 70’s.

This GS1000e is in truly outstanding original condition and will go through our workshop for careful re-commissioning and preparation

You can reserve this bike now if you want to get in early as once this bike is fully prepared it it sure to go quickly. Examples like this don’t come along very often.