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The Yamaha FZS600 Fazer is a real favourite amongst those looking for a reliable lightweight bike that still has decent performance. This 1998 example has just 8980 miles on the clock with a great history to back that up. It’s in great condition and would make a great all year round bike for your stable or a great first middleweight for the next biking generation in your family.

  SMail:'m interested in the Yamaha Fazerecure this bike now for just £3295

Yamaha FZS600 Fazer


First appearing in the late 90s, the Fazer looked similar to other middleweight bikes of the day. Like other bikes it used a de-tuned motor from something sportier, in this case the 600 cc liquid cooled motor from a Yamaha Thundercat. De-tuning gave the motor more mid-range power and made the bike a friendly one to ride.

That said, de-tuned is a decidedly relative term, having reduced the power to a still very creditable claimed output of 95bhp. Using brakes from the R1 is a hint as to the true performance of the bike and it was that performance which put it ahead of other 600’s of the day.  

The bike comes half-faired which is probably a good indicator that this is an all-rounder, not an out and out racer. Yet, aside from the slightly disappointing headlights, this has the handling and performance to provide most people with plenty of fun and little to complain about.

Add to that the fact that this is a generally reliable bike with a decent range and you have a bike you could confidently take on some long trips. Even today, Fazer’s are a perfectly good choice and won’t be left embarrassed by the performance of much newer bikes.

The year 2000 saw a slightly larger fuel tank and a digital clock. 2002 saw a revised fairing and another increase to the tank capacity. Given that the bike had an impressive range already this was fixing a problem which didn’t exist but made sure the rider’s bladder and need for coffee would ensure a stop occurred long before the petrol ran out.


Fazers are still viewed affectionately by those who knew them back in the day and provide a budget alternative to a modern machine which is still hugely capable. As a modern-day classic the Fazer cheats slightly by providing contemporary performance in a 90’s package.

It also provides a huge amount for the money. These bikes are yet to take-off in terms of classic bike price rises but that can only be a matter of time. And, in any case, there’s nothing wrong with simply providing a great all-rounder which is easy on the pocket.

Our example is a particularly low mileage one and is still very original. Our advice would be to enjoy it but keep it nice and that should make even more sense financially when prices start to rise.