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This Honda CB1000 “Big One” is presented in excellent condition, just as you would expect with just 11,675 miles on the clock, it will of course go though our workshop to ensure that it rides as well as it looks. You can secure this low mileage example for just..

£4995Mail: CB1000 Big One

Honda CB1000 Super Four (Big One).


This was Honda’s contribution to the clutch of retro muscle bikes which appeared in the 90’s. Along with Yamaha’s XJR1300 and the later Suzuki GSX1400 these bikes harked back to the biggest bikes from the early 80’s. In Honda’s case, the CB1000 can trace it’s roots back to the CB900 and CB1100.

These bikes are built for presence and for blistering acceleration. If you don’t want a bike for touring and you don’t need to set your trousers on fire with the top speed of a sportsbike then something like this is worth considering. It will still turn heads at the biker caff or charity bike night.

Being an upright riding position means it will get windy at high speeds and at low speeds bikes like this need careful handling unless you’re built like the proverbial outhouse. But once you’re on the move they are smooth, easy to handle and benefit from technology not available on the bikes they are modelled on.

Being a Honda the Super Four is of course well made with good attention to detail. The engine is well-proven, being a detuned CBR1000F motor, so should provide many miles of trouble-free biking and silky smooth power delivery. It’s a Honda so it’s built not to snap your head off or spit you into a corner if you want to have some fun.


These bikes are often owned by people who care for them and keep them for sunny days. Not always the case but if you are in the market for one then we suggest you hold out for one which has been cared for. These will still look good and provide the best chance of returning maximum money when you sell it.

As our name suggests, we specialise in classics and this doesn’t just mean 70’s or 80’s but anything which has the potential to become collectable and desirable through the rarity of good ones and the memories of those who had one ‘back in the day’.

Our own example is finished in a lustrous deep maroon and it is in fantastic condition. One to keep special for days out and we would expect them to be a decent investment in the long term. Being a Honda it has the reliability you’d look for as the last thing you want is to find yourself with time to spare on a nice day and then have to spend it at the bike repairer.