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1999 Honda Blackbird CBR1100XX with just 11,300 miles.

This bike is always a head-turner, in black it looks sleek, something of a stealth weapon and back in it’s day, the fastest bike you could buy and still a very fast motorcycle indeed.

These motorcycles are fast appreciating and are one of the best ways to eat up the miles on a long distance blast across the continent. They are equally at home cruising down to your favourite coffee stop. Don’t miss this one, it’s one of the nicest low mileage bikes around and you can make it yours for just …

              £4595Mail:'99 Blackbird in Black

Honda CBR 1100 XX Super Blackbird


Originally from the mid 90’s, the Honda Super Blackbird was famously built to wrestle the title of world’s fastest production motorcycle from Kawasaki. With the resources at their disposal, they were always likely to succeed and indeed, they did. The top speed of the Super Blackbird was in excess of 180 mph and the title was Honda’s (a title it kept until the arrival of the Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa in 1999).  

Not for nothing was the bike names after the famous Lockheed SR71 Blackbird, still the fastest manned air-breathing aircraft ever made. Yet, if that was all they had made, the bike might not have been the success it was and have the following it still has. What they did create was a bike capable of putting its’ sensible trousers on and becoming a civilised touring bike.

All that power was provided by a conventional engine but with twin balancer shafts creating a smooth power delivery and a bike you could ride all day. Naturally the bike was heavy and demanded careful attention at low speeds but once on the move the bike was easy to handle, remarkable stable on the road and, being a Honda, was designed not to bite your head off.

That said, take it above 5,000 revs and it would immediately take the hint and show you what it could do. If touring wasn’t what you wanted, it would provide the kind of performance normally reserved for sports bike riders. In short, it could give you whatever you wanted in a road bike.

Little wonder that it gained a following, perhaps inspired by the idea of riding the world’s fastest production bike but offering so much more than an out and out racer. It was a bike you could ride all day which never seemed to be out of its’ depth.


No longer available from new, there are some good examples out there. Many now have high mileages and that is perhaps not surprising, after all that’s what they were made to do. Look for well maintained models, as with all bikes lack of maintenance could result in some expensive bills later.

We only sell classics, newer as well as older types, and the Blackbird is certainly a classic, not just for the future but for now as well. The have a following for those who had one in the 90’s and still provide more than enough performance for the vast majority of riders. Those of you who know us already know that we will only stock the best examples we can find and that usually means low miles.

We have two example of the Super Blackbird and both have exceptionally low miles and excellent pedigrees. These bikes are showing the early signs of future value increases, rarity of good ones still around and the laments of ‘wish I hadn’t sold mine’ already being heard. If you hanker after one our advice would be not to hang around.