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Honda 400Four from 1975 and in great condition having only cover 20,108 miles. These bikes have all the character of the 550 and 750 but in a lightweight and compact package making this an easy to handle option.

You can secure this great investment in your future motorcycling pleasure for just..

      £4995Mail: 400 Four

Honda 400 Four


The Honda 400 Four ran from the mid to the late 70’s, a relatively short period in the history of Japanese motorcycles, but in that short time it earned a following which still continues to this day. Over 100,000 bikes were produced.

It owes its development to the CB350 four, which ran for two years between 1972 and 1974. Increasing the capacity to 400 gave the motor a little more power (though it was never what you’d call powerful) and created a lively motor capable of reaching high revs for the time.

The bike wasn’t as quick as some of the two stroke competition but was smooth and willing with Honda’s trademark build quality and reliability. The frame and brakes were always adequate for the power of the bike and the relatively small overall size made it an easy bike to ride for all sizes of rider.

Styling was more in the café racer mould than the other bikes of the time and the bike gained its’ most recognisable feature, the beautifully swept four into one exhausts. Although the tank wasn’t big, the economical engine meant over 150 miles between fill-ups.

The bike ran for two variants, the F1 with two colours, Light Ruby Red or Varnish Blue with a later development being the addition of a locking filler cap and moving the rear footpegs off the swing arm and onto a loop in the frame. F2 models showed little change but the colours were different, being Candy Antares Red or Parakeet Yellow.    

Subsequent 400’s from Honda returned to the cheaper to make twin cylinder format and the era of the little Honda four cylinder bike was over.


These bikes now have a very solid fan-base. Good ones are sought after and command higher prices. If you are in the market for one, look for originality, particularly still with the iconic exhaust.

These bikes didn’t sell well in the US so many of the surviving bikes are UK models lucky enough to have had an owner with a decent garage and an understanding family. They should still be reliable with the right maintenance. Even sound motors can be slightly jingly but do check out any untoward rattles, these high revving engines did wear parts out.

Our example

This bike is an F1 in Varnish Blue and is a lovely original example. We have been through the bike and much has been done to make sure everything is working as it should. Kept as well as it is now, we would expect this to be a sound financial investment as well as a fun and easy to ride bike for sunny day trips.